American Dream Machine L.L.C. (ADM) is a production company that specializes in creating original, commercially viable feature films, television programming, and new media content for the global marketplace.

American Dream Machine is based in Philadelphia, PA. The company was founded by ADM President/CEO Frank Williams in 2005. During the last 15 years, Williams and ADM have worked with an exceptionally qualified team of producers and filmmakers to make some truly great cinema. His partnership with Double Windsor Films has yielded some notable film titles, including the horror rom-com Miss December  (2012 – Kevin Smith’s SModcast Pictures), irreverent buddy comedy Mancation (2014 – Lionsgate), acclaimed holiday film documentary I Am Santa Claus (2015 – Morgan Spurlock), and fan film documentary Ghostheads (2016 – Tribeca). Since joining the Producers Guild of America (PGA), Williams has formed new and exciting alliances with some of the film industry’s best and brightest to keep American Dream Machine in a constant state of evolution and advancement. Recently, American Dream Machine acquired the international production company FRF Media and welcomed some very talented individuals into the ADM Family. American Dream Machine continues to develop and grow.

American Dream Machine is dedicated to producing a diverse range of quality entertainment for today’s marketplace and to collaborating with like-minded international and domestic partners to bring great stories to the screen.

Key People:

Frank Williams was born and raised in Collingswood, New Jersey. Since childhood he has maintained an active enthusiasm and passion for cinema. As a kid, he wrote screenplays and made movies with friends. Upon graduation from Collingswood High School, Williams attended Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, and received his bachelors degree. While at Rowan, he collaborated with individuals that still remain apart of his professional network. Upon leaving Rowan, Williams founded the independent film production company, American Dream Machine. Despite his cinematic goals as a writer, director, and producer, he also enjoys the other side of the camera and makes time to pursue his acting career as well. Williams is an artist in the medium of cinema and seeks any meaningful opportunities that allow him to explore, discover, create, develop, and grow within the craft of filmmaking.

Some of his film credits as a producer include Miss December, Mancation, and I Am Santa Claus.

Andrey Nikiforov was born on June 23rd 1986 in the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan at the time Uzbek USSR. From the ages of six to thirteen he attended musical school graduating at the top of his class in 1999. While attending music school Andrey became a member of the junior troupe at the Textile Theater Company in Tashkent. In 2000, he moved to Kaliningrad Russia to attend school of linguistics and performing arts. In 2002 he moved to Philadelphia Pennsylvania where he currently resides. He attended George Washington and Northeast High Schools at the same time in his senior year. While at George Washington, Andrey took musical and film classes. Shortly after he wrote, shot, produced, edited and directed his first short film titled “Destiny”, an upcoming age story about two brothers in Russian Community in Philadelphia. The film was rejected by every student film festival over excessive use of violence and language in multiple languages. In 2008, Andrey co-directed a short film titled “No-Na-Me” as a part of 21 day Film Festival. The short film “Noname” was also screened at the Slamdance film festival. In 2010 he opened his first production company Final Relief Films. From 2011-2013 he shot edited and directed several short films, multiple music videos and worked with pioneers of YouTube vlogging such as Cory Williams, Projected Twin, etc. In 2013, he formed another production company FRF Media and two record labels Ham Factory Records and Povorot Records. From 2013-2019 Andrey shot, co-wrote, edited and directed several short films, multiple music videos, and worked on many projects in conjunction with American Dream Machine as a cinematographer, colorist, editor and co-Director. Since 2018 he is filming, producing, and directing his first feature film titled Watchtower, which he co-wrote in English, Italian, German, and Russian languages. In August 2018, Andrey became one of the shareholders in American Dream Machine LLC along with Niyaz Mirzayev, Mikhail Balezine, Svitlana Lykhatska.